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My Canadian Bear Hunt was more like a Comedy Show

Posted on September 18, 2018 at 2:15 PM

My Canadian bear hunt tonight was more like a comedy show.

I dropped off my friend to her hunting spot on my way to my spot. 20 minutes later I realized I had left my hunting license in my other hunting pants....so all the way back at the camp.

After I drove like a Nascar driver there and back, I can no longer remember where my hunting spot is. *Sigh

So I decided to drive a little further and hunt in the same spot I did the first night I was there.

The following tid-bits are actual events of this evening.

No exaggeration needed.

Bait not hit in the last 2days so I have to freshen it up a bit.

Trying to get the bait bag open, it rips, dumps out and drops out of my hands.

The folded bag chair I was barely hanging on to by my remaining fingernails, dropped and made a huge thud on the way back to the blind from the bait area.

While attempting to put my really important items into the pop-up blind, every single thing that I put in caught on the zipper making a loud zipper sound as only zippers do.

I finally get everything situated and set up complete with shooting stick, rifle, backpack and chair, then 2 bees wanted in on the action. (One didn't make it. It was either me or him...and I am way bigger)

After the less than productive evening, it was time to do all of that in reverse.

My gun case decided to reach out and grab every branch along the trail back to the truck, which allowed me time to stop and contemplate all the bad decisions I have ever made in my lifetime.

Also it was then that I noticed the bait bag filled with popcorn had yet another small hole in the side of it, leaving a Hansel and Gretel trail all through the woods.

I made it to the truck with most of my gear that I went out there with.

I spent another 5 mins. at my tailgate attempting to get out of my hunters orange vest that some how got strung in and around my hunting jacket. Feeling more like a straight jacket when I was finished.

Finally, thanking the Lord that I had made it into the drivers side of the truck I sit motionless.

It was then that I also added a prayer hoping that there wasn't any trail cams out there. The last thing I need is evidence and have to relive this evening.

Not only did I not see any bears but I think I ripped my hunting pants.

Editor Note: Did anyone see a pair of women's camo hunting gloves anywhere in Ontario Canada by chance?

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